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Orthodontics is a natural process, involving the steady movement of teeth to create a well-aligned, healthy, functionally sound and beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.
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Today’s Tip from Dr. Naficy

adolescent care
Adolescent Treatment
Dr. Naficy recommends that all individuals receive an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven or eight. This does not necessarily mean that a patient will need orthodontic treatment at that time; in fact, in some cases, it is best for treatment to wait until after the permanent teeth have come in, which usually occurs by age fourteen. However, only a specialist will be able determine whether the need for orthodontic treatment is present or can be delayed for several more years.  In cases where treatment can and should begin when the patient’s teeth are still growing, early intervention will help eliminate the need for extensive and costly treatment later on.

While it is best to for everyone to be evaluated by an orthodontist at a young age, the good news is that orthodontics can be performed at ANY age, even as late as seventy years old, as long as the jaw bone and gums are in healthy shape.

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